Budget Billing


Budget Billing is a free service to AP&T residential energy customers that helps manage cash flow by providing a predictable monthly energy expense.

The Budget Billing Plan is designed to minimize large fluctuations of energy bills from season to season (it is not a cost savings or discount program). The monthly Budget Billing Plan bill is based on an average of your previous 12 months usage but may be adjusted for changes in base rates or COPA (Cost of Power Adjustment) rates.

The Budget Billing Plan is available to all eligible residential customers based on the following criteria:


  1. Customer has received service at AP&T location for at least 12 Mos.
  2. Customer must enter program with an account balance of zero or have entered into a deferred payment agreement for any past due or delinquent amounts.
  3. If the customer account shows a default on a previous payment agreement the customer will not be eligible to enter the program under payment agreement terms.
  4. Temporary and seasonal service are not eligble for this program

Signing up is easy

Simply contact your local AP&T office and ask about the Budget Billing Plan. Local AP&T offices offering the Budget Billing Plan:

Craig (907) 826-3202
Haines (907) 766-6500
Skagway (907) 983-2202
Tok (907) 883-5101

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for using Budget Billing?

No. There is no service charge or fee with AP&T’s Budget Billing.

How is my Budget Billing Amount Calculated?

Your Budget Billing installment amounts are calculated based on the most recent 12-month actual account history. After 12 months a new monthly levelized pay amount will be calculated based on your past 12 months actual bills, less any over-recovery or plus any under-recovery from the prior year. Thus, any variance between actual billing and budget billing is included in the calculation of the new budget billing amount by spreading it over the 12 months in the new budget year.

How often is my payment amount reviewed?

When you are participating in the Budget Billing Plan, AP&T staff will periodically review your account. If the amount estimated in the plan for your monthly billing varies significantly from your actual usage cost, a new monthly billing amount will be calculated and you will be notified of the billing change.

What services are covered?

Budget Billing covers all basic residential energy services.

As a Budget Billing Plan participant, If you fail to pay the budget billing obligation in any month by the due date, the Budget Billing payment shall be considered past due and you may be removed from the Budget Billing Plan. Once you return to the regular billing, the total account balance will be due. Disconnection notification requirements will apply to any delinquent amount as determined on the aging of the actual account balance.

If you are removed from the Budget Billing Plan, either by Alaska Power Company, or at your own request, you will not be eligible to participate in the Budget Billing Plan for one (1) year.

Can I terminate my Budget Billing Plan?

Yes. The customer may terminate this agreement at any time either verbally or in writing. Once you leave the Plan, the full account balance will be due. If you have a credit balance at the time of your Plan termination and are continuing service with Alaska Power Company, the credit will remain on your account and applied to future billings. If you are not continuing service with Alaska Power Company then the credit will be applied to the final bill and any residual credit will be refunded.

Billing covers all basic residential services.

We Suggest You Also Consider…

AP&T AutoPay

Using AutoPay to pay your monthly energy bills is a convenient way to save time, postage costs, eliminate writing checks and ensure we get your payment on time with no mail delays. With this option, your power or telephone payment will automatically be withdrawn from your checking account or charged to your credit card account on a monthly basis.

  1. Complete the Automatic Payment Authorization Form
  2. Option 1 - Charge my Checking Account
  3. Option 2 - Charge my Credit Card
  4. Attach a voided check if you choose to debit your checking account.
  5. It's required to sign the authorization form.
  6. Return the completed authorization form to us, by one of two ways.
    • By Fax at: (360) 385-7538
    • By US Mail at:
      AP&T Billing Department
      P.O. Box 3222
      Port Townsend, WA 98368
Download the Automatic Payment Authorization Form (68 Kb PDF)