Connelly Lake Hydroelectric Project

This page will be updated periodically with information related to AP&T's Connelly Lake Hydroelectric project. Please use the links below to download and view the files.

Press Release to Discontinue Project (PDF)
(06.13.13) 8KB

Surrender of Permit (PDF)
(06.13.13) 176KB

Second 6-Month Progress Report (PDF)
(02.28.13) 22.7MB

FERC Permit Application (PDF)
(01.23.13) 224KB

FERC Permit Application (PDF)
(01.14.13) 1.7MB

Aquatic Studies Report for 2012 (PDF)
(01.07.13) 11.2MB

Botanical Resource and Wetland Studies for 2012 (PDF)
(01.07.13) 7.53MB

FERC Decision on Traditional Licensing Process (PDF)
(08.31.12) 13.1KB

Agencies Letter (PDF)
(07.30.12) 4.97MB

Public Meeting Transcript, Haines (PDF)
(06.27.12) 496KB

Public Meeting Agenda (PDF)
(06.27.12) 6.07MB

Public Meeting Sign-In Sheet (PDF)
(06.27.12) 162KB

Agency Meeting Transcript, Juneau (PDF)
(06.26.12) 472KB

Agency Meeting Agenda (PDF)
(06.26.12) 6.07MB

Agency Meeting Sign-In Sheet (PDF)
(06.26.12) 32.1KB

Agency and Public Meeting Presentation (PDF)
(06.26.12) 6.32MB

Draft Study Plan Vol 1 (PDF)
(06.06.12) 32.5MB

Draft Study Plan Vol 2 (PDF)
(06.06.12) 42.5MB

Pre-Application Document Appendix Vol 3 (PDF)
(05.31.12) 38.9MB

Pre-Application Document Appendix Vol 2 (PDF)
(05.31.12) 9.36MB

Pre-Application Document Appendix Vol 1 (PDF)
(05.31.12) 23.7MB

Pre-Application Document (PDF)
(05.31.12) 7.41MB

Notice of Intent to File For Original License & Pre-Application Document (PDF)
(05.30.12) 7.10MB

Preliminary Permit Application (PDF)
(11.28.11) 29.6MB