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About Us

AP&T – Employee-Owned, Community-Minded

Alaska Power & Telephone (AP&T) has provided affordable utility services to meet the evolving needs of rural Alaskan communities since 1957.

Today, AP&T provides services in over 40 communities and villages spanning 1,100 linear miles. 75% of our energy generation comes from renewable hydropower, with excesses available in some communities to support beneficial electrification (heat pumps, electric vehicles) and sustainable growth.

AP&T works diligently to deploy advanced high-speed broadband to support the telecommunications needs of rural Alaskans far into the future. AP&T supports other carriers with middle-mile transport, via assets like the Lynn Canal Fiber project, the Southeast Alaska Microwave Network, and the SEALink fiber optic cable currently under development.

Our employee-owners live and work in the communities we serve. We are proud to partner with diverse indigenous organizations, local governments, state and federal agencies, industry associations, and conservation groups to undertake innovative projects that improve quality of life for all.

AP&T is dedicated to meeting unique needs and priorities of the diverse communities we serve. Let us know how we can be a part of your success!