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Heat Pump Incentive Program Guidelines

  • Applies to systems installed after March 1st, 2021. AP&T may request documentation verifying the date of installation.
  • Only applies to communities where AP&T’s regulated power subsidiary, Alaska Power Company (APC), provides service.
  • AP&T will limit incentives to one per customer, and to one per legal address.
  • The incentive is available equally to all customer types (residential, consumer, etc.) and entity types (individual, family, non-profit, business, tribe, local government, etc.)
Technical Requirements
  • Must be an air-source or a ground-source heat pump.
  • Must be a new system (not used or salvaged).
Payment Details
  • AP&T will provide a payment equal to the lesser of $500 or the cost of the heat pump (including installation) to the customer after AP&T personnel have verified the system is present and operational.
  • Prior to payment, AP&T personnel must verify the system is present and operational.
  • Funds will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis based on the order in which applications are received by AP&T. The time at which applications are received at the email address Jason.c@aptalaska.com is considered controlling.
  • Does not apply retroactively to heat pumps installed, purchased, or under contract prior to March 1st, 2021.
  • Program will remain active through 2022.
  • AP&T reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time.

To apply for the incentive, please request an application form from your local AP&T customer service representative.