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Broadband Performance Testing

Broadband Performance Testing

AP&T receives High-Cost support from the FCC under the Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) to meet defined broadband build-out obligations. The A-CAM program provides carriers with funding to upgrade network infrastructure and accelerate the offering of more robust broadband products.


Broadband service providers like AP&T that receive federal “High-Cost” funds are required to test a random sample of customer locations to ensure that quality standards for speed and latency, or response time, are being met.

What is USAC?

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) administers the Universal Service Fund under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


Learn more about USAC and Performance Measures Testing

How does the performance testing work?
  • USAC randomly selects AP&T customer locations for the testing program.
  • Over a two-year period, daily for one week each quarter, testing is conducted from 6 PM to 12 AM.
  • Both speed and latency are tested from the AP&T managed device.
  • Speed tests are conducted once an hour, starting at the beginning of the hour.
  • Latency testing is conducted once a minute and will perform 60 tests per hour.
  • All testing data is submitted to USAC.
  • AP&T will utilize a performance testing server located in Seattle, WA.
What happens if you are randomly selected by USAC for testing?
  • AP&T will notify you via email that USAC has selected you for performance testing.
  • An AP&T managed device in routed mode is required to conduct the performance testing, which is the case for most of our customers.
  • AP&T will reach out via telephone if a change to the managed device at your location is necessary to perform testing.
  • The customer experience and broadband connection are minimally impacted during the performance testing. Tests are delayed if light usage is detected.
  • No data or private information is captured during the performance testing.
  • The FCC encourages consumers to participate in this important testing program, as it helps verify service quality standards are met.
  • Customers can opt-out of the performance testing at any time by emailing support@aptalaska.net with your name and home phone number.
  • AP&T will provide a $5.00 a month credit to customers with ongoing participation in this performance testing.

Review the FCC’s Performance Testing FAQ