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Falls Creek Hydroelectric Project

The 800 kilowatt Falls Creek Hydroelectric Project (Project) is located approximately 5 miles east of Gustavus, Alaska and uses a portion of the flow and head of Falls Creek to generate electricity. This project operates in run-of-river mode with a diversion/intake structure located at about EL 670. The water is diverted through a pipeline 9,700 feet to a powerhouse that contains a single-unit turbine and generator. To get the power out, a transmission line is buried for 6.4 miles to the nearby community. This project displaces approximately 300,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

As mitigation for constructing this project, recreation is allowed on project lands as well as providing access to National Park lands and Wilderness Areas around the project. In order to aid in recreational use of the area, we have provided the photos (below) of the lower falls of Falls Creek along with the current Creek Flow to compare and determine if it will be worth hiking into.

Falls Creek Water Flow

The images (below) are labeled with the water flow in Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) displayed beneath each clickable image. The Creek Flow (below) is updated on a 15 minute interval.

When visiting the site, please be sure to use caution. Water flows at Falls Creek can change dramatically due to a variety of conditions, including weather, upstream flows and dam operations.

27 CFS
47 CFS
70 CFS