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Why Alaskans are switching

Many of AP&T’s customers on Prince of Wales Island have been switching to heat pumps to obtain a variety of benefits:

  • Potential savings on heating bill
  • Convenience / low maintenance
  • Cleaner indoor and outdoor air
  • Safe heating option
  • Automated / remote control options
  • Uses locally-produced hydropower
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Provides air conditioning in warmer months
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A heat pump is an energy efficient heating system that many of AP&T’s customers are installing in their homes, business, and community facilities.

Similar to how an oil furnace uses a fuel pump and a fan motor to move heat through a house, heat pumps use electricity to run a compressor and fan motors.

For every 1 unit of energy used to operate the system over the heating season, more than 3 units of heat energy are delivered into the home. Heat pumps are far more efficient than resistance space heaters.

Heat Pump Incentive Guidelines and Application

AP&T is proud to support clean energy and economic development in rural Alaska by providing a $500 incentive* to customers installing electric air and ground source heat pumps for use in its service areas. Sealaska shareholders are eligible for an additional $500 matching incentive – $1,000 total – thanks to generous support from Sealaska Corporation. Please contact your nearest AP&T service center for assistance applying.

Download Heat Pump Incentive Program Guidelines
Download Heat Pump Incentive Application Form
Have questions about what heat pump incentives are offered in the Inflation Reduction Act? AK Heat Smart put together a great FAQ to sort out some of those details. Check it out here!

*Recipients of incentives will be responsible for reporting and paying any income or other taxes which may be due – consult your tax professional for guidance.

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Installing with Local Vendors

More and more of AP&T’s customers are converting to smarter, renewable, and locally-produced energy.

Some of AP&T’s customers have reported they are saving 25% to 50%, depending on the cost of oil. Others have indicated that as long as the cost of heating oil is over $2.00 / gallon, their heat pump is saving them money.

However, AP&T strongly encourages its customers to do their own research and analysis based on their individual circumstances. This might include getting quotes from an installer, and examining your home energy bills and heating costs.

Additional savings can come from lower lifetime maintenance costs compared to wood stoves or oil furnaces. With heat pumps, your annual maintenance includes a small fee for cleaning the outdoor unit.

List of Heat Pump Vendors / InstallersPhone NumberLocation
Ocean Air Contracting360.861.8532Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales Island Electric and Repair907.755.2443Prince of Wales
Tongass Electric907.329.2054Prince of Wales
Ketchikan Dray907.225.3172Ketchikan
Ketchikan Mechanical907.225.9466Ketchikan
Schmolck Mechanical907.225.6648Ketchikan
Home Tech907.225.5129Ketchikan
Northern Refrigeration907.523.2700Juneau
Channel Electric (Electrical Connections)907.225.9725Prince of Wales
Timberline Plumbing and Heating LLC907-209-7731Skagway

As another option some AP&T customers have been installing MRCOOL DIY®* models available via Costco, Home Depot and other retailers. Check it out for yourself to see if these units could be a good fit for your needs! Here is a video on a Haines install the company put out in 2018. The company has also tested units in North Dakota: The MrCool Universal Heat Pump Heats at -24 Degrees.

*Not all MRCOOL units are DIY® units. All units must be installed in compliance with local, state and federal codes and regulations and can require a licensed electrician. AP&T needs to be notified before new units are installed.


Local banks and credit unions are able to provide affordable financing in
support of heat pump conversions.

Financing allows consumers to immediately realize the benefits associated with heat pump conversions, without having to make a large up-front investment using cash. The following banks are willing and able to make loans for heat pump conversions on Prince of Wales Island:

Financing OptionsPhone NumberLocation
Wells Fargo907.826.3040Prince of Wales
First Bank907.826.3254Prince of Wales
Key Bank844.433.2068Ketchikan
Northrim Bank907.225.4545Ketchikan
Tongass Federal Credit Union907.755.2800Klawock
Tongass Federal Credit Union907.828.8880Thorne Bay
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union907.247.7600Ketchikan