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Community Giving

Our first step toward fortifying a relationship within the communities we serve is to provide essential and important services. We also believe in doing more than that by giving back to the communities where our employees live and work. AP&T provides community support through a Charitable Contributions Fund, which is explained on this page. AP&T supports individuals, teams and events through sponsorships and employee volunteers by simply coordinating with our local offices individually.
Charitable Contributions Fund
AP&T supports programs and organizations that provide long-term solutions and make a difference in the communities of operation and in the lives of our customers, employees and shareholders within the following focus areas:
AP&T supports nonprofits that provide support and solutions for individuals in recovery or individuals who wish to pursue sobriety. AP&T also supports nonprofit cancer groups as well as veteran and children’s organizations.
AP&T supports nonprofit organizations that promote and provide educational opportunities and activities for students.
AP&T supports nonprofits that provide support to the homeless and hungry.
AP&T supports nonprofit organizations that promote or benefit the arts and culture of the communities in which we operate.
AP&T supports organizations that provide emergency services and disaster relief.
How does the Charitable Contributions Fund work?
When planning for your request, please take the time to review the focus areas listed above and whether AP&T has operations in the area to ensure your application will be eligible and note that qualification to apply for funding does not guarantee funding support.
How does the Charitable Contributions Fund work?

Application Intake Periods: The application intake period designated for 2024 is from January 1st through October 31st.

Time Sensitive Requests: Due to the length of our intake period and funding decision process, please indicate if your request is time-sensitive within the proposal and we will do our best to review and discuss whether an early funding decision can be made.

Review Period: The review period is completed prior to the end of the funding year.

Funding Decisions: All applicants will be notified via email.

Charitable Contributions Fund Proposal Specifics

To be eligible for charitable giving support from AP&T, an organization must compose a formal proposal and address a specific community need. All proposals must include the following information in a single PDF file:

Brief description of the organization (name, history, mission, activities).

Proof of 501(c)(3) status.
Organizations target audience.
Exact amount requested.
Why the funds are needed.
How funds will be used.
Types of publicity and recognition for AP&T’s support.
Organization main point of contact.

Requests from communities directly served by AP&T are limited to $5,000.00.
In communities where AP&T has full-time staff resources, however AP&T does not provide services, requests are limited to $500.00.

Once you have composed a formal proposal with all the required information, please email the single PDF file to contributions@aptalaska.com.

Charitable Contributions Fund Review Process
All charitable contribution requests will be evaluated based on AP&T’s approved budget, proposal specifics being met, proposal objectives and overall benefit to the community.
Sponsorships and Volunteering

Coordinated through our local offices individually, AP&T provides support for the following:

Individual or Team Sponsorships, Promotional Partnerships and In-Kind services (ie:, event broadband, WI-FI, event banner installation, etc).

Please Contact Us through your local office to discuss this type of giving.